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Sunday, February 19, 2006


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** God put His Cross where His Mouth Was - all along! ** Today's Bible Promise is ... "And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not." Isa 58:11



Lord, thank you for our pets!

The other day the Governor of my State appeard on television and announced the death of her beloved dog - a 'member of the family', she said, 'that will be greatly missed!'. She cried, openly. Some made fun of her later, but many of us that have lost a pet - or had to have one 'put down' - sympathized with her loss and pain.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing such tender, loving, forgiving and truly humble creatures into our lives. We are nowhere more aware of their priceless gift of love than in hospitals and with care-providers. We can see the tangible effect they have on the suffering. So, Lord, thank you for our pets!

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Things are not always what they SEEM to be!

It is only human nature to get just a whiff or sniff of knowledge, and then run off 'half-cocked' in every direction - all at once - right? Welp, 'only-human' is what we're all put here by God - to OVERCOME!

They say, "Live & learn!" - is that true? Do we tend to learn just by living? Or are we all very prone to repeating mistakes over & over again?

It has been my experience that I tend to cling to what I am loath to let go of - till the pain of grasping hurts more than my lust to control it! I wish this were not true - I wish I was a far more willing, eager and apt Student (Disciple).

In any event - jumping to conclusions is all part of assuming. And this is always carnal - never of the Lord! When we assume, we get the first impression, or just a smattering of information - and WOOSH! - off we go, surmising, extrapolating, imagining, extending, engrossing, and in the end - jumping to conclusions. And then comes the shocker - we were WRONG! (duh!)

These hands appear to be warding off, rejecting or refusing any 'intruders' - all visitors. They appear to be saying, 'no - don't come in!'. ('Repel all boarders!') Actually, they are just the opposite. But it takes a double-take or two to see this.

Taking time out for another is a great and gracious gesture. Just as listening is.

Lord, help us to take time out for YOU each day - and then make us gracious with each other! Amen!



“I am the Vine; My Father is the Gardener.
Each branch that bears no fruit, He cuts away;
While every branch that yields good fruit, He trims and cleans,
So that it will still more produce each day.
Now you are clean because of My Word’s work in you.
Remain in Me, and I’ll remain in you.
Just as a branch without the vine can bear no fruit,
So you must stay in Me if you would bear fruit too.

“I am the Vine; if you, like branches, stay in Me
And I in you, you’ll bear much fruit in turn.
Apart from Me, you can accomplish naught for God;
You’re like a branch that withers and is burned.
But if you stay in Me and I in you each day,
Ask what you wish; it will be given you.
God will be glorified because you bear much fruit,
For thus you show yourselves to be disciples true.

“Just as the Father loves Me, so I love you too.
Obey My Word, and you’ll stay in My care,
Just as I too obey My Father God above,
And in His love remain fore’er and e’er.
I’ve told you this so that My joy may be in you,
And that your own joy may now overflow.
Here’s My command: Love others just as I’ve loved you;
To die for friends—this is the greatest love you’ll know.

“You are My friends if you do what I now command;
You’re not mere servants, knowing not My will.
I’ve called you friends, for everything I’ve learned from God,
I have made known, and now I tell you still.
You chose Me not, but I have chosen each of you,
To go and bear much fruit that will remain.
Then God will give you all you ask in My own Name.
Love one another; hear now My command again.”

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'The power of divine teaching'

(J. C. Philpot "Meditations on Ephesians")

"Our gospel came to you not simply with words, but
also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep
conviction." 1 Thes. 1:5

The main reason why men boggle to understanding the
Scriptures, is from lack of an experience of the truths
set forth in them. They lack the right key which fits this
intricate lock, and therefore uselessly poke at it with
false keys, which, though they cannot spoil the lock,
plainly show the ignorance of the workmen.

Unless, by the power of divine teaching, we can enter
in some good measure spiritually and experimentally into
the grand and glorious truths of the everlasting gospel,
we can neither see their peculiar beauty, nor feel their
peculiar sweetness and blessedness.

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Pr 10:9
"He that walketh uprightly (in integrity, honestly, forthrightly) walketh surely (in security): but he that perverteth his ways (walks dishonestly) shall be known (found out, discovered, exposed)."



"It is the branch that bears the fruit, that feels the knife, to prune it for a larger growth, a fuller life.

"Though every budding twig be lopped, and every grace of swaying tendril, springing leaf, be lost a space.

"O thou whose life of joy seems reft, of beauty shorn; whose aspirations lie in dust, all bruised and torn, rejoice, tho each desire, each dream, each hope of thine shall fall and fade; it is the hand of Love Divine...

"... that holds the knife, that cuts and breaks with tenderest touch, that thou, whose life has born some fruit - mayest now bear much!"

--Annie Johnson Flint


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A saint's daily-Way begins & ends with 1 sinner's "step". (lest we ever forget!)

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)


The word 'science' literally means 'to know' - but 'knowledge' of what? Scientists know only of the creature, not The Creator. And that which they 'know' of the creature is based solely upon the observable "laws of physics" (what they refer to as 'the known universe'). In other words, their 'knowledge' is exclusively sensual in nature.

Tozer reminds us, "The universe is a creation, it is not eternal, since it had a begining!" (Also true of time!) The physical 'laws' are what the Bible calls "the elements" (Gal 4:3,9; 2Pet 3:10,12), which will be "melted" or "disolved". Peter then asks us, "... in this case, what manner of persons ought we to be??" Good question!

Any assumtion, conclusion, opinion, hypothesis, theory, conjecture or so-called 'knowledge' based solely upon *effects* can never determine any *cause* - that much is simple logic! In other words, a study of the creature - however so exhaustive it might be - can never 'get-to-the-bottom-of' it's Creator!!'

Indeed, 'science' as we know it has historically been bound, limited, and in some cases even 'gagged' by its own myopic pride. Many great scientists have suffered and died for their 'sin' of nothing more than having stumbled onto some "new" observation of an existing physical "law" which thereby threatened all "known science" (including man-made religion!) of their day!

At some point, it ought to dawn on man's mind that IF (supposing) there MIGHT BE a Creator (as so many outward observations indicate) - ... He just might be the best Source of Knowledge of the Origins or Nature of His Creation! (Duh!) God, after all, holds the very BLUEPRINT and the OPERATOR'S MANUAL of all He has Made!

If and when man ever gets SERIOUS about the creature, he must inevitably TURN to it's Creator - THIS is what God means by Repentance! And this is only Possible in-Christ - Son-of-MAN and Son-of-GOD!

--Dennis Rideout


NOTE: Music files are kept on the server for 30 days, then deleted.