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Friday, February 17, 2006


God put His Cross where His Mouth Was - all along! ** Today's Bible Promise is ... "Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke [is] easy, and my burden is light." Mt 11:28-30


Ps 118:1
"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good:
because his mercy (steadfast love) endureth for ever."

IMAGINE THAT! - New scientific discoveries

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NATURE WATCH - 90 seconds on natural wonders

It is not unusual to encounter a bird whose tail is ragged. Occasionally we spot one without any tail at all. -- CLICK HERE

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Well, *I'LL* NEVER grow that old!!
Not ME! Not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin!!

Ever notice how some faces get that 'lived-in look' - more than others? Some folks just live harder lives than most, I guess. There are certain faces that seem to have had the miles and years and losses engraved in them - like living sculpture-monuments to mortal experience!

A body gets old. And creaky. And cranky! And then, one day, it just dies -and goes back to the dust from where it came. All mortal bodies were made from the 'dust' of its' parents - they were but dust, afterall. And so each babe is a bit of its' origin.

Parents get old and die. Just like that. They leave their babes and friends and belongings - and go - Beyond. They were just dust - and dust gets old and decays. (And 'just-dust' must always stay behind!)

God Breathed His very Own Life-Force into some dust and it came Alive - with HIS LIFE! But getting old and dying was not God's idea.

There are lots of Adamic 'dust-mites' walking his 'ode-to-death' (sin) on this wicked planet. And getting older - and closer to their end - death. Shame, that! So unnecessary - such a spiritual waste!

New Life (Resurrection Life) Is that Life Breathed into MORTAL beings (while yet slaves to sin & death) Which sets them Free-Indeed - to LIVE AGAIN in-Christ. True, their 'dust' will wax old & die - but they won't. And in the meantime, they get to LIVE-WITH Life Himself - even while yet mortal (subject to death)! Talk about a Banquet set before us in the very midst (face) of our enemy!! WOAH & WOE!!

The older a soul gets (in mortal years) the more death is to be reckoned with - and (perhaps, if there is great suffering), the more it may even be welcomed (as a release)! But for us Saints (those LED by The Spirit/Breath/Life/Will of God), anticipation replaces anxiety, just as Hope Crowns Grace!

Thanks Lord - for Dying so we can LIVE-WITH-YOU Forever!



Lamp of our feet whereby we trace
Our path when wont to stray;
Stream from the fount of heav’nly grace,
Brook by the traveler’s way.

Bread of our souls whereon we feed,
True manna from on high;
Our guide and chart wherein we read
Of realms beyond the sky.

Pillar of fire, through watches dark,
Or radiant cloud by day;
When waves would break our tossing bark,
Our anchor and our stay.

Word of the ever living God,
Will of His glorious Son;
Without Thee, how could earth be trod
Or Heav’n itself be won?

Yet to unfold thy hidden worth,
Thy mysteries to reveal,
That Spirit which first gave thee forth,
Thy volume must unseal.

Lord, grant us all aright to learn
The wisdom it imparts
And to its heavenly teaching turn
With simple, childlike hearts.

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'All doctrine, all experience, all precept'

(J. C. Philpot, "The Precepts of the Word of God")

All doctrine, all experience, all precept center, as one
grand harmonious whole, in the glorious Person of the
Son of God. From Him they all come; to Him they all flow.

Severed from Him . . .
doctrine is seen to be but a withered branch;
experience but a delusive dream;
precept but a legal service.

But His light enlightening, His life quickening, His power
attending the word of His grace--doctrine is seen to be
no longer doctrine dry and dead, but glorious truth;
experience to be not a mere matter of fluctuating feeling,
but a blessed reality, as the very kingdom of God set up
with a divine power in the heart; and obedience not a
legal duty, but a high, holy, and acceptable service.

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Pr 10:8

"The wise in heart will receive (heed) commandments (instruction, discipline):
but a prating fool shall fall (come to ruin)." ('fools won't listen - can't Hear')


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Sleep sweetly in this quiet room, O thou whoe'er thou art,

And let no mournful yesterdays disturb thy peaceful heart.

Nor let tomorrow scare thy rest with thoughts of coming ill.

Thy Maker is thy changeless friend; His love surrounds thee still.

Forget thyself and all the world, put out each feverish light;

The stars are watching overhead, sleep sweetly then, goodnight.



Every 'next step' (for a Saint) is found at the Cross!

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)

"One Monarch to obey, one Creed to own; that Monarch God; that Creed His word alone!

If there is any one fact or doctrine, or command, or promise in the Bible which has produced no practical effect on your temper, or heart, or conduct, be assured you do not truly believe it!"



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