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Friday, January 27, 2006


** God put His Cross where His Mouth Was - all along! ** Today's Bible Promise is ... "Thou [art] my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word." Ps 119:114



Lord it is harder for my carnal mind to accept what I have Learned Spiritually over the years - by Trusting You. But I thank you for all the difficult things you Manage and Orchestrate for me.

As the Psalmists said, 'Before I was afflicted, I went astray!' (Ps 119:67) And Job also reminds us to Bless You for what you take away as well as for what you give.

Teaching a coward to be brave, a liar to be honest and a weakling to be an Overcomer may be hard on the student from time to time, but I thank you Lord - You Are Able!

Please help me stay Willing!

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Casual Blurrr ...

Sometime time goes faster than we can keep pace with - and other times a lazy fog descends on the circumstances we call our 'life'. What gives?

Sync! - Or rather, the lack of it. 'Belonging' is a carnal sense of feeling 'joined', 'mingled', 'merged', or a part of our surroundings - as though that was where we 'came' from. "Matrix" would be an apt term for it. But of course it's a lie.

We are only visitors here - from another Place entirely. We just forget that at times. But there are times when we Sense the Loneliness of That Someone from Whom we Belong - and we get out of 'sync' here.

Seasons - it's all about Seasons of the soul. Actually, they are God's Seasons and Tides and Ages and Aeons - and that, somehow, we are a Part of all that.

Pilgrim - if you are a NewCreature in Jesus Christ - then He has BEGUN a Good Work inside you - and He Does Goooooooood Work! But in SEASONS! The sooner we Learn this, the sooner we can get with HIS Program, rather than being 'tossed and blown about by every windy doctrine' - and every outward phase-change that alters our 'Tide' - for a Season.

"Steady in the Light" is the aim of every saint! Faithful and Loyal to That Plan and Goal we have been Called to Reach. Pressing on and into That Great Kingdom with the Earnest Expectation of one who has our Lord's Blessed Assurance - that we are HIS ALONE!

Here blurrr for a Season - but there, ETERNAL-VISION GLORIOUS!



O bless the Lord, my soul!
His grace to thee proclaim!
And all that is within me join
To bless His holy Name!

O bless the Lord, my soul!
His mercies bear in mind!
Forget not all His benefits!
The Lord to thee is kind.

He will not always chide;
He will with patience wait;
His wrath is ever slow to rise,
And ready to abate.

He pardons all thy sins;
Prolongs thy feeble breath;
He healeth thine infirmities,
And ransoms thee from death.

He clothes thee with His love;
Upholds thee with His truth;
And like the eagle He renews
The vigor of thy youth.

Then bless His holy Name,
Whose grace hath made thee whole,
Whose lovingkindness crowns thy days!
O bless the Lord, my soul!

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'The one, precious, all absorbing theme!'

from "The Precious Things of God" by Octavius Winslow

The Word of God must ever be transcendently
precious to the believer. The Bible is, from its
commencement to its close, a record of the
Lord Jesus. Around Him the divine and glorious
Word centers; all its wondrous types, prophecies,
and facts gather. His Promise and Foreshadowing,
His holy Incarnation, Nativity, and Baptism, His
Obedience and Passion, His Death, Burial, and
Resurrection, His Ascension to heaven, His Second
Coming to judge the world, are the grand and
touching, the sublime and tender, the priceless
and precious truths interwoven with the whole
texture of the Bible, to which the Two Witnesses
of Revelation, the Old and the New Testaments
bear their harmonious and solemn testimony.

Beloved, let this be the one and chief
object in your study of the Bible-
the knowledge of Jesus.

The Bible is not a history, a book of science,
or a poem; it is a record of Christ. Study it to
know more of Him, His nature, His love, His
work. With the magnanimous Paul, "count
all things but loss for the excellency of the
knowledge of Christ Jesus your Lord."

Then will God's Word become increasingly
precious to your soul, and its truths unfold.

In every page you will,
trace the history of Jesus,
see the glory of Jesus,
admire the work of Jesus,
learn the love of Jesus, and
hear the voice of Jesus.

The whole volume will be redolent of His
name, and luminous with His beauty.

Oh, what is the Bible to us apart from its
revelation of a Savior! Is there not great
danger of studying it merely intellectually
and scientifically, of reveling among its
literary beauties and its grandeur, blind
to its true value, and without any desire
to know that precious Savior who died for
sinners, that Divine Redeemer who
purchased the ransom of His Church
with His own blood; that Friend who
loves us; that Brother who sympathizes
with us, that enthroned High Priest who
intercedes for us within the veil?

Do we study the "Word of Christ" spiritually
and honestly, as those whose souls hunger
and thirst for this the bread and water of life?

Do we search it diligently and earnestly as
for hidden treasure; treasure beyond all price?
Can we say with David, "O how love I your
law! it is my meditation all the day."

Do we read it with a child like mind, receive
it with a believing heart, bow to its teaching
with reverence of soul, and receive its
decisions in all questions of faith and
practice as decisive and ultimate?

In a word, do we search the Scriptures
humbly, prayerfully, depending upon the
guidance of the Spirit, to find Jesus in them?

Of these Scriptures He is the Alpha and the
Omega, the substance, the sweetness, the
glory, the one, precious, all absorbing theme.

Yes, Lord! Your word is precious to our souls,
because it reveals to us Your glory, and tells
us of Your love!

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Pr 10:1
"A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of (a sorrow to) his mother."




"What mean you by this weeping to break my very heart? We both are in Christ's keeping, and therefore cannot part.

"You there, I here, though parted, we still at heart are one; I only just in sunshine, the shadow scarcely gone.

"What though the clouds surround you, you can the brightness see, tis only a little way, that leads from you to me.

"I was so very weary, surely you would not mourn, that I a little sooner should lay my burden down.

"Then weep not, weep not, Darling, God wipes away all tears; tis only a little way, though you may call it years."



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Where Christ is not 'imperative', He is not 'Imperial'!

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)

"After reading the philosophies of Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle, we feel that the specific difference between their words and Christ's is the difference between an inquiry and a Revelation!"

--Joseph Parker


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