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Monday, January 23, 2006


** God put His Cross where His Mouth Was - all along! ** Today's Bible Promise is ... "For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock." Ps 27:5



Lord, thank you for how you have enabled man to learn and to grow in knowledge. I realize knowledge is only as good as its' intent, purpose and use - but I also see that you have given man a wonderful ability to search out and find your wonders as well.
Thanks for the Insights, Lord!

IMAGINE THAT! - New scientific discoveries

Recent studies have uncovered a strong relationship between baboon pops and their kids, when scientists had thought the families didn’t even know each other before. -- CLICK HERE

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NATURE WATCH - 90 seconds on natural wonders

A snake's body temperature is about the same as its surroundings, so during winter, it seeks shelter from the cold underground. -- CLICK HERE

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Pomp & Circumstances - Rituals, Solemn Services, Fanfare and Uniforms - all for ....

We make big things out of certain things - other things we ignore, neglect. Man's priorities have little to do with what makes any sense. We celebrate what we prefer - and there is a great deal of differences in how societies deem what is important or not.

Pageantry and the like is colorful - even quaint. But when it comes to our spiritual health, we would do well to consider more of what God SAYS and THINKS than what we have been taught to prefer.

Breaking habits and freeing ourselves of what God has now Revealed is not what He wants for us is never easy. It usually means going against those social traditions we have been taught from our youth are - sacrosanct! And we all want soooooooo to belong!

This world has many lures - and woos our flesh with many snares. Some of them are social.


Rebels, who had dared to show
Proud contempt of God Most High
Bound in iron and in woe,
Shades of death and darkness nigh,
Humbled low with toil and pain,
Fell, and looked for help in vain.

To Jehovah when they cried
In their trouble, and He saved,
Threw the prison open wide
Where they lay to death enslaved,
Bade the gloomy shadows flee,
Broke their bonds and set them free.

Sons of men, awake to praise
God the Lord Who reigns above,
Gracious in His works and ways,
Wondrous in redeeming love;
Longing souls He satisfies,
Hungry hearts with good supplies.

When His righteous judgments come,
Strong to bless and to destroy,
All iniquity is dumb,
All the righteous sing for joy;
Who God’s dealings wisely heed,
In His works His mercy read.

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'The Bible'

(Henry Law, "Beacons of the Bible" 1869)

The Bible is the richest treasure of the world.

Without it the palace is a dark blank.

With it the humble cottage sparkles with celestial light.

It is the transcript of God's heart.

It tells, what human reason is weak to find.

It is pure truth without one shade of error.

It gives knowledge on all things
needful for time and for eternity.

It is a safe guide through life's entangled path.

It is a compass . . .
through shoals and rocks;
amid winds and waves;
to heaven's eternal rest.

The sage is ignorant without it.

The peasant learns from it salvation's road.

It is a solace for every hour.

It is a companion always ready to converse.

It cheers when other comforts fail.

It is arrayed in every charm for intellect.

It never wearies.

It is always fresh.

Its oldest truths cannot grow old.

Its readers become more wise; more holy.

Other books may puzzle and corrupt. The
Bible is from heaven, and leads to heaven.
It enters the heart with purifying grace.

The more you search the Bible, the more your
minds will wonder, and your hearts will love.

Read it as literally true. Then no human
philosophy will beguile you.

Ponder its characters. You will find on
them the intrinsic stamp of truth.

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1/23/2006 Pr 9:10, 11
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight (understanding). For by me (Godly Fear) your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life."



There is a foe whose hidden power,

The Christian well may fear;

More subtle far than inbred sin,

And to the heart more dear.

It is the power of selfishness;

It is the willful I.

And ere my Lord can rule in me,

My very self must die.

Oh, save me from self-will, dear Lord,

Which claims Thy sacred throne.

Oh, let my will be lost in Thine,

And let Thy will be done.

Oh, save me from self-confidence,

And self-sufficiency.

Let me exchange my strength for Thine,

And lean alone on Thee.

Save me from self-indulgence, Lord;

Let me not be my own,

A living sacrifice I come,

Keep me for Thine alone.

From proud self-glory save me, Lord,

From pride and praise, and fame,

To Christ be all the honour given,

All glory to His Name,

Oh, Jesus, slay the self in me,

That all the world may see.

So shall it be no longer I,

But Christ that dwells in me.

-- Author Unknown.


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When Christ Says "GO!", He Means to OUR Cross - "DAILY"! - Lk9:23

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)

"Malice can always find a mark to shoot at, and a pretence to fire!"
...Simmons, Charles [1798-1856], An American Clergy, Author


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