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Sunday, January 15, 2006


** God put His Cross where His Mouth Was - all along! ** Today's Bible Promise is ... "My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:" 1Jn 2:1



Lord, before I Knew you I was terrified of my own rebellion - and that it would surely take me to Hell in the end. I was also sure I was hopeless, because I could not 'take instruction or correction'. But You are indeed a Magnificent Savior!

You have Taught me Your Words and Your Ways and have Led me in the Way of Your Discipline. I especially appreciate the RSV rendering of Heb12:7, "It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline?".

Thank you, Father, for "treating me as Your son"!

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There they GO! Look at em go. They're up & off & on their way. Ahhhh.... the taste of freedom - free as the birds!

Wait a minute - is that it? Is freedom really just the liberty to fly away? Escape?? Is there not a great deal more to that "Liberty in-Christ" Paul goes on & on & on about - through the entire Book of Galatians?

You bet! Let me illustrate: 'there can be no true liberty or freedom without disciplines and limitations!' There. See? That statement doesn't seem to square with the widely held notion stated above. Something is askew, here! Let's see if we can discern the Rightly-Divided distinction.

Jesus Christ Is Choice - that is, we have that freedom of will and volition in-Christ which was forfeited by Adam long ago - by sin. But as Adam lost Choice by rebellion (sin), Jesus christ Restores and Resurrects it BY HIS OBEDIENCE! And as He had to Learn Obedience by what He Suffered (Heb5:7-10), so we Now Receive that Freedom-to-Choose God IN Christ by OUR Obeying The Gospel and Jesus Christ!

Freedom? There is no liberty or choice in darkness (evil) - only enslavement. But where God's Government (Spiritual Discipline, 'Headship', or 'Sonship') is REAL (see Heb12:7RSV) - there too is the Discernment of Divine Discipline. And as we Are (in-Christ) Now free to Choose God because of The Light of Christ's salvation, so too we Are enabled to Obey Him as Jesus did.

Escape? No no - we are Now free in-Christ to Abide in the Government of God on Earth Now - even as it Was and ever Will Be in Heaven.


The saints should never be dismayed,
Nor sink in hopeless fear;
For when they least expect His aid,
The Savior will appear.

This Abr’am found: he raised the knife;
God saw, and said, Forbear!
Yon ram shall yield his meaner life;
Behold the victim there.

Once David seemed Saul’s certain prey;
But hark! the foe’s at hand;
Saul turns his arms another way,
To save th’invaded land.

When Jonah sunk beneath the wave,
He thought to rise no more;
But God prepared a fish to save,
And bear him to the shore.

Blest proofs of power and grace divine,
That meet us in His Word!
May every deep felt care of mine
Be trusted with the Lord.

Wait for His seasonable aid,
And though it tarry, wait:
The promise may be long delayed,
But cannot come too late.

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'What Stupid Blockheads!'

(Joseph Philpot, "Daily Portions")

"Are you still so dull?!" Jesus asked them.
Matthew 15:16

What lessons we need day by day to teach
us anything aright, and how it is for the most
part "line upon line, line upon line; here a
little, and there a little." O . . .
what slow learners!
what dull, forgetful scholars!
what ignoramuses!
what stupid blockheads!
what stubborn pupils!

Surely no scholar at a school, old or young,
could learn so little of natural things as we
seem to have learned of spiritual things after . . .
so many years instruction,
so many chapters read,
so many sermons heard,
so many prayers put up,
so much talking about religion.

How small, how weak is the amount of
growth compared with all we have read
and heard and talked about!

But it is a mercy that the Lord saves whom
He will save, and that we are saved by free
grace, and free grace alone!

(with the following exceptions):

SAVED BY - Afflictions & Sufferings of Apostles 2Cor1:6 Php1:19 2Tm2:10
SAVED BY - Advent (Christ's) Lk19:9 Ro13:11 2Cor6:2 Titus2:11 Jd1:3
SAVED BY - Apostolic Declaration! Jn5:34
SAVED BY - Appoinment (by God) 1Th5:9
SAVED BY - Baptism Mr 16:16 1Pet3:20,21
SAVED BY - Believing (GOD's Meaning!) Lk8:12 Mr16:16 2Th2:13 Acts 16:30,31 Ro 10:9
SAVED BY - Blood (Christ's) Ro5:9
SAVED BY - Calling on The Name of the Lord Ro 10:13
SAVED BY - 'Captain' (KJV), 'Pioneer' (RSV) Heb2:10
SAVED BY - Chastisement 9Discipline) Heb12:8
SAVED BY - Christ, Personally - and His LIFE Ro 5:9,10
SAVED BY - Coming unto God by Christ Heb 7:25
SAVED BY - Confession (from the mouth) Ro10:9,10
SAVED BY - Contrition (Repentance) 2Cor7:10
SAVED BY - (Courage - of Faith) Php1:28 Heb3:6,14
SAVED BY - Diligence (Scriptural) Heb2:3
SAVED BY - Election BY Sanctification (by God) 2The2:13
SAVED BY - End of our Faith (Which Is Salvation) 1Pet1:9 Rv12:10
SAVED BY - Enduring to The END Mt10:22, 24:13 Mr13:13 Heb3:6,14
SAVED BY - Entering In (by Christ AS Door) Jn10:9
SAVED BY - Fainting not Gal6:9
SAVED BY - Fear (Godly) Ph2:12
SAVED BY - Faith Lk7:50, 18:42 1Pet1:5
SAVED BY - Fall of Jewish Nation Ro11:11 (Gentiles)
SAVED BY - Fire (if need be) 1Cor3:15
SAVED BY - Gospel Ac13:26 Ro1:16 1Cor15:1,2 Eph1:13
SAVED BY - Grace Acts 15:11, Eph2:5,8, Titus2:11
SAVED BY - Hope Ro8:24 1Th5:8 Jd1:21 (see Ro4:18, 1Pt1:9&13)
SAVED BY - Inheritance (Christ's Bequeathal) Heb1:14
SAVED BY - Jesus Christ - PERSONALLY Jn3:16,17 Lk1:69, 2:30 Ac13:47
SAVED BY - Jewish Messiah Jn4:22
SAVED BY - Justification (OF Christ's Blood) Ro5:9
SAVED BY - Knowledge of Salvation Lk1:77
SAVED BY - Life (Christ's Own) Ro5:10
SAVED BY - Lonsuffering of God 2Pet3:9,15
SAVED BY - Looking unto Jesus Christ 2Cor3:8 Heb9:28, 12:2 Jd1:21
SAVED BY - Mercy Titus3:5
SAVED BY - Name (Christ's) Ac4:12
SAVED BY - Obedience Heb5:9
SAVED BY - Power of God ONLY Mt19:25,26 Mr10:26,27 Lk18:26,27 1Pet1:5
SAVED BY - (Power of Preaching) Ac28:28 1Cor1:18 1The2:16
SAVED BY - Renewing of the Holy Spirit Titus3:5
SAVED BY - Relationship with Father and Son Jn17:3 (Eternal Life)
SAVED BY - Remission of sins Lk1:77
SAVED BY - Repentance 2Cor7:10
SAVED BY - Time-Shortening (God's Expediency) Mt24:22 Mr13:20
SAVED BY - Trembling (God Fear) Php2:12
SAVED BY - Vision of Christ Lk3:6
SAVED BY - Washing of Regeneration Titus3:5
SAVED BY - Wooing (God's) 2Cor6:2
SAVED BY - Word-Wisdom 2Tm3:15
SAVED BY - Words Acts 11:14

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Pr 8:13
"The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted (perverted) speech I hate."


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Psal 83:3 (KJV) They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

Thick green leaves from the soft brown earth, happy springtime hath called them forth; first faint promise of summer bloom breathes from the fragrant, sweet perfume, under the leaves.

Lift them! what marvelous beauty lies hidden beneath, from our thoughtless eyes! Mayflowers, rosy or purest white, lift their cups to the sudden light, under the leaves.

Are there no lives whose holy deeds -- seen by no eye save Him who reads motive and action -- in silence grow into rare beauty, and bud and blow under the leaves?

Fair white flowers of faith and trust, springing from spirits bruised and crushed; blossoms of love, rose-tinted and bright, touched and painted with Heaven's own light under the leaves.

Full fresh clusters of duty borne, fairest of all in that shadow grown; wondrous the fragrance that sweet and rare comes from the flower-cups hidden there under the leaves.

Though unseen by our vision dim, bud and blossom are known to Him; wait we content for His heavenly ray -- wait till our Master Hiself one day lifteth the leaves!



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If it took JOY for your Lord to Endure... (Heb 12:2)

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)

"If you would not have affliction visit twice, listen at once to what it teaches!"



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