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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Breaking through the sound barrier is one of the most dramatic human achievements we've managed so far. The sheer force of penetrating one physical level and bursting into another is kind of mind-boggling in it's own right. But wherever man's imagination beckons, his curiosity and daring are sure to follow.

To achieve flight, certain aerodynamics were required - as well as speed. But how fast is TOO fast? Or is there such a thing - as 'too fast'?

Exploration has been used as man's right for centuries. Even where the plundering of the earth and all of God's Creation has resulted. 'Damn the consequences - man MUST KNOW!'. And so, on we go - higher & higher, bigger & bigger, faster & faster.

In the Book of Daniel, He Prophesies that - in these 'end times', just prior to Christ's Return - "knowledge shall increase". Well, it certainly has! And if we see 'increase' as 'compress, or quicken, or accelerate' - and if we apply this to the 'information explosion' of today - then we are LIVING Daniel's Prophesy NOW!

There are 'scales' of things. Proportions in which things assume their natural dimensions - in which they function properly. The rate of knowledge-increase is at such an astonishingly rapid rate today that it has become - SIMPLY INHUMAN! No soul CAN 'keep up' with such escalations. In ANY discipline, or science - the speed at which knowledge is increasing can no longer be adequately measured.

So what happens to man, when his environment becomes psychologically carnivorous? Experiments with rats, congested with far too much of everything (social interaction, food, water, etc) result in neurotic, anxious creatures that hardly resemble their 'normal' counterparts. And the comparison between these rats and today's modern, city-dweller is striking.

If it is true, spiritually, that we MUST Hush to Hear, and be Still to Know God, etc. - then it might also be observed that to quiet down, we must first SLOW DOWN! Simplicity is as much a part of Humility as Sincerity, or Honesty. But where there is NO PEACE (God's Government within) - these things are not possible. And they are becoming MORE impossible in this wicked, chaotic world every day.

Haste doesn't just 'make waste' - it LAYS WASTE any soul that WILL NOT come to Christ to HUSH and HEAR God.


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