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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Let's get HIGH!!

Cheap thrills are grist for the entertainment mill of man's amusement attractions. We like to be titilated, donchaknow?! If it's scary, or hair-raising, or daring - we like it. It's fun.

But when fun or any other form of exhilaration becomes a form of escape-ism, we have a problem. There are chemical 'highs', too. And these pack a real wallop when it comes to running away from our 'reality' (circumstances).

Playing with fire usually ends in our getting burned. And that's just what happens when we prefer to ignore what is obvious, or evade the truth we are loath to accept. Denial is deception. And fear breeds best in dark places - especially those places of ignorance, in the mind. What we don't see CAN affect us - and often in irreversible ways. Once a soul is smitten by deceit (becomes a liar), that soul is tainted and crippled forever by it. This is not to say that God cannot Heal that soul - but there are some things even God Cannot (Will not) change!

A Repentant murderer has still committed murder, after all. And once we have committed suicide - that's it! O my! Dodging what we prefer to avoid is dangerous.

But there are ways in which we can "get high" (become exhilarated) in Christ. One way is to Share HIM with others. And THIS "high" is Healthy! We are Exhorted by the Apostle to be "Filled with The Spirit!". And there is great delight in the Joy of The Lord! But God would never have us dabble with deceit or pretend against Truth. He Calls us to Accountability - in Christ. Even so, there is that Joy of The Lord Which is our Strength. Thanks, Lord!


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