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Friday, June 23, 2006



Man loves war! What a statement! But I'm afraid it is true. We seek it. We buy and sell it. We import and export it. We justify it. We are addicted to war. All the classic symptoms are there. We must have war!

Man is born and bred to violence. We cut our teeth on chaos, and sup early on the teat of rebellion. Each 'self' has it's 'rights' - and is shamed for not 'standing up' for them. The exertion of an independent attitude is applauded as both virtue and character, in a capitalistic society. 'Every man for himself'; 'it's a dog-eat-dog world, after all!'; 'let the buyer beware!'; 'compete, or die!'; etc. We thrive on it!

Blood hates blood - and man loathes God. The War began not on earth - but in Heaven. It was Exported here by an Angel (prince of demons - Lucifer, by name), and sealed with an unHoly fornication. Thus 'JIHAD!' was born on Earth - even as it was in Heaven BEFORE! The shedding of blood began then - and has not let up since.

For a few, God's Own Blood has sufficed to Make Peace even where there IS NO PEACE - here on Earth. But even this is War - a Spiritual War between flesh & blood and The Spirit. The PRIZE of this Warfare Is PEACE. But man must Sue (God) for this Peace - and seek it with all his heart, soul and mind. He must pursue it as the "pearl of great price" that it is.

The war of man on earth is NOT FOR PEACE - and this is why it is addiction. Those who make such war in this realm of evil do so for MORE WAR - not Peace. And so they speak of Peace, but they will not HAVE it - they cannot ENDURE nor ABIDE it, as it Was only Purchased by The Blood of God's Son, Jesus Christ. And this is utterly loathsome and repugnant to rebels of ALL kinds.

But it is the War with God that must be Settled Forever. Until a soul has MADE PEACE with God, as an OBEDIENT of CHRIST'S, that soul remains a house divided (at WAR inside). But making Peace with God is ALWAYS SURRENDER. So until we SUE GOD FOR PEACE (Surrender), we continue in bitter hatred and enmity against God - and in Hell on earth - at WAR!


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