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Monday, June 19, 2006



There's lossa, LOSSA wassa there - behind that dam! Stored up - waiting to burst forth. A pent-up tsunami and a quiet resource of massive power! Note the power towers marching across the desert towards Las Vegas & L.A.?

This dam manages the scrappy Colorado river - you know - the one that dug out that 'Grand Canyon'!? But in taming it's torrents and tantrums, it regulates the water resources for much of the south west - all of southern California, for starters!

God has massive Provisions too. It is shameful how we speak of His grace in such common terms. As if Grace were less than the power of this 'Hoover dam'. But see - Grace is only AVAILABLE to Faith. And Faith is far rarer than we think. Jesus was impressed with Faith - whenever He encountered it - and SAID so! But very few souls ever truly TAKE Jesus Christ AT HIS WORD! If they did, they would be as astonished as those who have.

God Provides - ALL! Everything that is, has been Provided by God. But folks still prefer the Provision to the Provider - and He does not LIKE that. And I don't blame Him. God Is Father. And Father Loves LOTS. And He HAS lots of Love to Give - but few takers.

Let's try to get SERIOUS about God - just for Himself. Let's try to make time for Him - make ROOM for Him in our busy, puny lives. Let's try to REMEMBER God on HIS Father's Day! TODAY!


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