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Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Woah! There's power, and then there is P O W E R ! We stand in awe of natural forces. And they do tend to get dramatic, from time to time. And as we view the known universe, we are reminded, over & over, of just how awesome physics is.

But man is not ONLY a physical being. We are also Made Spiritual Creatures, by God. And whatever appears or is manifested in the physical realm (mortality) is but shadow and form of The REAL (Spiritual). And there are Powers and Principalities in the Spiritual Realm (in God's Own Reality) that make anything physical pale by comparison!

When God Created, He used His POWER. When He CORRECTS, Teaches or Molds & Shapes, He uses POWER. His WORD Creates with Power. And it is Spoken of just LIKE that, "His Word of Power!", in Hebrews 1:3.

But of all the Powers there might be - the ONE POWER that is greatest is LOVE. We can see this if only by It's OPPOSITE - JEALOUSY! God Warns of His Jealous Wrath. This is no idle threat. God's Jealousy Is His NAME (see Ex 34:14).

To Know God's POWER, we must first Know GOD. And to Know God IS salvation. But these are Mysteries to mortals. But we are not strangers to LOVE. So God LOVES us! There is good reason why it is said, to Know God is to Know Real FEAR! But until a soul is Moved by the Love of God, it is doomed to make God JEALOUS! Far better to Know His Love than His Wrath!


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