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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Need a HAND?

Ever need help? At a time when you knew you could not do a thing - or was completely 'out in the dark' where a job was concerned? I feel that way about anything automotive. Useless! Helpless.

It's not a nice feeling. But there are no mortals that have lived even a little while on this earth that have not felt this way. Sometimes we just need a hand!

But there is another sense in which this reality is most devastating. Spiritually. When it dawns on a soul that (s)he is doomed to utter destruction and ruin - that no matter what (s)he tries to do, it will not change the outcome - then that soul "comes to itself" (as Jesus said of the prodigal). It is hoped that soul would then TURN TO GOD (Repent) for Help, in time of need. If (s)he does, (s)he will find He Is very FAITHFUL.

Once this occurs - once we have turned to God for His Help - it is hoped we might also learn to STAY PUT. That is, Remain and Abide abandoned to His Rescue, Remedy, Resources. This was Christ's First Beatitude (Bankruptcy), and the apex and very core of His Beatitudinal 'sermon on the mount'. Residing in utter God-Dependency is the KEY to spiritual Fruit - Jesus says so!

We all come in NAKED - with absolutely NOTHING. And there are no pockets in a shroud - that is, we cannot TAKE anything WITH us when we leave! We leave it all behind when we GO - so for us to learn to LIVE AS THOUGH we had the same nothing we came in with is WISE, indeed! Any soul that Walks by Faith, Lives Abandoned to The Promises. And so we LIVE (and are Saved) by Hope! God has SAID, and we BELIEVE Him - just like that! And LIVING this is truly BELIEVING it.

Next time you need some Help - please turn to The SOURCE! You're in Good Hands with God!


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