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Monday, June 12, 2006


When life's a BLURR ...

Ever feel as though your life has taken off, somewhere, and left you standing - waiting - 'at the station' - sort of? As though you are all alone in a croud? As if everything and everyone was passing you by at a breakneck speed - a little like it appears with this lady - in the train station?

It's a mood. It will pass. And if we had any idea just how common this was, we might not think much of it. In any event - we all go through this from time to time.

But God Lives in Eternity - and that means Right NOW - Forever. As He is both the End and the Begining - and everything in between - all His Creation is only found IN-HIM. We are mortal - finite - temporal - up in the air - in the meantime. And if we feel at odds with all our circumstances at time, what did we expect?

Every mortal SHOULD walk with God. We were made for this - and this is the only Way we Work (Function) properly (as Designed) - that is, WITH God. We are TANDEM creatures. So Jesus asks us to take His Yoke upon us - that is, He Commands us to YOKE UP with Him. To get INTO His Yoke WITH Him.

It is when we are NOT in Yoke-Fellowship with Jesus Christ that we feel and appear to be lost - for a season. Once we get RIGHT with God, He renews in us HIS Right Spirit - and, VOILA! - just like that - we are OK again!

We were not meant by God to get to the bottom of anything. That is not our Function. If His Peace PASSES our puny 'understanding', you would THINK we would hide ourselves there - INSIDE HIM - as we were Intended to do. But to be mortal is also to be subject and subjected to confusion (babylon - the world - religion, etc).

So, from time to time, we need to be Re-calibrated by God - we need a spiritual Overhaul - so to speak. It is at times like this we must learn to simply RESORT UNTO THE LORD ("Come UNTO Me!"). When we learn to do this, we REMAIN, Abide and Continue IN-Christ - and His Living Word-Will LIVES in us all the time.

And THIS is THE Light of the world!


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