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Friday, June 09, 2006



The bondage of one mortal by other mortals is a topic which was 'taboo' for the KJV - the so-called 'authorized version'. It was only 'authorized' by the king - James - but it has deceived many for centuries since!

Slavery was big business then. Lots of money, power and prestige was at-stake where the trafficking in humans was concerned. Whole fleets of ships, entire compounds and living quarters were equipped for the purpose of this soul-commerce.

The photo above is a snapshot of just such a slave barracks - preserved in Australia. A sort of memorial to the evil which society took for granted as 'acceptable' - not so very long ago. That the living conditions were only just tolerable is clear. But the death rate on board slaves ships was often enormous.

In the KJV, there is only one reference or use of the word "slave" (Jer 2:14), and only one of "bondslave" (Lev 25:39). Yet God had actually Legislated the proper Governmental Administration of slaves for the Hebrew Nation. Down to the limits of any such 'bondage' (even when self imposed). In the RSV, the words "slave", "Slaves" & "slavery" appear 156 times!

Regardless what man thinks of any such (controversial) subjects, God's Word should be studied AS HE SAID IT - not as we might prefer to hear it. Bias is unavoidable. So, for this reason, and because they knew how offensive (politically) to King James the use of such words might be (not to mention provocative!) - they 'dodged that bullet' by simple substitution (distortion). They admitted as much in their PREAMBLE (see LINKS, in right hand panel of this blog - now omitted from modern KJV publications!). In it, they stress, recommend and advise every reader NOT to rely upon ANY one translation or 'version' - but to avail themselves of as many as might be useful to careful examination of the Scriptures.

Slavery is only one example of perversion of Scripture for social or political deception. But one so glaringly obvious, it deserves our focus. We are spoiled in the English language - we have so MANY fine translations - from as many linguistic experts. No student in our 'mother tongue' needs to be a scholar of another dialect or language - to discern with great clarity and lucidity the fine innuendos and subtle nuances of the Prophet or Apostle's intentions. All these are laid bare quite evidently to the English reader!

As to the controversy surrounding the issue of slavery in the Bible - let each soul inquire of GOD - and abandon, once-for-all, seeking from man what Christ made clear CAN only come from GOD! (see Jn 5:44) And in the meantime - let us all surrender our opinions, preconceived notions, biased perceptions and the like, in the same manner in which we submit our choices to God - FOR SALVATION! The only alternative is to prefer (lean to) our own 'understanding', and choose that 'way that SEEMS right to a man - but which ends in DEATH!'.


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