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Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Natural perfection is never 'perfect', by some standards. That is, it is rarely perfect in symmetry, or perhaps proportions. In fact there are many art forms and cultures which prefer natural imperfections - and make every attempt to emulate them by hand!

However, 'perfect' IS as WAS-INTENDED. That is, what God Intended in a particular creation - when Mirrored BY that creature - IS PERFECTION! So Perfection (from God's Point of View) means, 'As-Intended-So-Manifested'.

We see God's most sublime Expression of His Perfection in His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Was (Is) precisely what His Father Intended, Wanted, Purposed, Planned, Appointed and had in-Mind! And Jesus says as much - repeatedly. Therefore, we are to LOOK unto Jesus, Who Is Author of our Faith and Finisher of our Fate. And as we do, we SEE God's Perfection Mirrored in Him.

God makes no mistakes. But God's Creation - being Perfect as He Intended - includes flaws. Sin was not INTENDED by God as man's end. But Christ WAS/IS/WILL BE - forever. God said, "LIVE!" - and He MEANT it! That death temporarily contradicted God's 'Prime-Directive' only serves to expand and enlarge the Value and Grace of God's Love for man (and proves Lucifer the Eternal Fool that he Is!).

When Jesus Commands us to 'Be Perfect!', He is Mandating our spiritual Maturity (in-Christ) so that we might Reflect our Father in Heaven even as He Did (Does). By this Means He 'brings many Sons unto GLORY!' - as it is Written. When we SEE Him as He truly IS - and that we are LIKE HIM - then we will more fully Know and appreciate just what God has Meant by "Perfect and Holy" all along!


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