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Monday, June 12, 2006


"My songs have been the songs of the daylight, of the sunshine of His face,
of the hours of blest Communion, and the wonders of His grace.

"In my song has been unremembered the touch of His hand in my plight.
Oh! how easy to sing in the sunshine -- He alone can give songs in the night!

"The weight of an awful darkness, hung over my soul like a pall;
and everything round me seemed blackness -- no help but to struggle and fall.

"But treasures are found in the darkness, and riches are hidden in-store;
and sorrow oft gives us a song to sing, unknown to us heretofore.

"Our God gives us songs in the midnight, when our feet are held fast in the stocks;
and sends with the praises He giveth, the unloosing of bars and locks."

--J. Lyall


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