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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'SOUL FOOD' - an audio-book by G.D. Watson - Ch. 26 of 32

-- G.D. Watson lived in England, in the early part of the 1900's --

During the year 1895, the Lord permitted me to have in my life and experience many very wonderful answers to prayer. I wish now to give an account of only one among a great number.

It is well known that the orange groves in Florida were nearly all killed in January, 1895, so that my property, from which I expected a support, was all ruined. I was divinely kept from even a thought of a murmur. I fasted and prayed many days, and made a solemn covenant with God: First, I would ask help of no one except the Lord. Second, that I would not go any deeper in debt. Third, that I would very rigidly give God one-tenth of all He gave to me. My faith had a few testing seasons, but I never lacked, and I was never out of cash money. The infinitely tender dealings of God for the year, in spiritual and physical matters, would fill a book. Here is only one. I had more urgent need for money coming due in November. I knew I had no way to get the money but by prayer, so all through September and October I prayed much for the funds, and I observed several days of fasting. I was kept in perfect peace, yet intense looking to God. During the last week in October, a poor, sanctified widow fifteen hundred miles from me, and who had never seen me, wrote to me that she was very powerfully impressed of the Spirit to spend a whole day in prayer for my temporal supplies, and that God spoke into her heart that He would supply my needs. I needed one hundred dollars by November 10th, and another hundred in December, but my little prayer only took in the first hundred. On the 6th of November, after supper, just before beginning the weekly holiness meeting in my house, I was walking in the library, talking with the Lord of my deep need; suddenly the Holy Ghost opened up to my mind a fresh and strong view of the Fatherly provision of God for me. My whole soul was melted into love and peace; tears of joy flowed down my face; there was something just like a voice talking in my heart, which said, "Money is nothing to Me; it is only My wrapping-paper, and is inexhaustible; just give Me continually your warmest love and perfect obedience, and I will attend to your finances."

With these words in my mind, I felt that my prayer was answered. In four more days the money would be needed, and I did not have my mind on anybody on earth to supply it. On the 9th I received a letter from a sanctified business man, several thousand miles away, saying that he "felt a strong impulse to send me a check for over two hundred dollars." The receipt of the check did not surprise me at all, for my faith was expecting God to do something; but I walked into the forest and sat down on a log, and just gazed for an hour at the great and living God, and adored His matchless love and the reality of His personal presence. I did not know which to admire most, the movement of the Holy Ghost on the widow to pray, or on the dear brother to send the money. And then to see the accuracy of the Lord's time-table, that the supply should reach me just on time to a day. I at once took out one-tenth for the Lord.

Now I have written this only for God's glory, to encourage the child of God to have perfect faith in Him, and I earnestly recommend the rigid principles of giving the tenth to God of all that we receive.

The Lord wants us to pray very particularly and persistently for all things which are covered by His promises, and it is a good way to prove our earnestness by fasting, especially in emergencies. God is now waiting to work thousands of wonders for His children, in saving, or healing, or filling, or providing, if they will deeply and perseveringly plead His promises through the merit of Jesus.


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