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Monday, May 15, 2006

'SOUL FOOD' - an audio-book by G.D. Watson - Ch. 22 of 32

Chapter 22 - "LET GOD"
-- G.D. Watson lived in England, in the early part of the 1900's --

The name of God occurs thirty-five times in the first thirty-five verses in Genesis; and the word "let" occurs fourteen times in the same verses. The number thirty-five is five times the religious number seven, and fourteen is twice the religious number, and put together they make seven times seven, which is the Pentecostal number of Scripture; so that the words "let God" form the key to the religious life, and the key to the Pentecostal measure of that life. The first "let" is, "Let there be light," and the last is, "Let them have dominion over all things." So that from the first dawn of divine light in the soul up to the glorious kingdom in the new earth, the secret of every step is to be so utterly yielded to the unfolding will of God as to let Him work in us, and be us, and for us.

When we are seeking pardon, how all our mental powers are tangled in darkness, all our heart rent with such mingled emotions of fear, hope, and sorrow; how our will struggled like a chained animal, till in self-despair we throw ourselves for weal or woe into the hands of Jesus, and just let Him save us!

Then when, as believers, we are heart-sick over our interior sinfulness of nature, and longing for inward rest and purity of soul, after so many sore conflicts and unexplainable alternations between light and darkness, we are brought to a crisis, and the little words, "let God," are the only outlet from self-struggling into the calm, sweet rest of the cleansing power of Jesus. Those who receive Jesus for the healing of their bodies have the same lesson of "let God" to learn over again. How much physical or mental suffering we endure, how many swingings of hope and fear between sanity and insanity, between life and death, how many tossings of argument in the reason for and against divine healing, before one learns to yield all the ills of the body to the healing will of Jesus, and without a struggle or an anxiety just "let" Him pour the health-virtue of His precious body through every part of the being. And then, in addition to these definite steps of "letting God," there are numerous instances in the seeking of larger enduements of the Holy Spirit, in the department of God's providences, where we have to learn over and over again to cease from all our planning, all our imaginings of ways and means, all our uneasiness or care, and just calmly, sweetly, patiently, humbly "let God" manage and work in us and for us along lines beyond all our dreaming. These words " let God" are the latch to hundreds of doors in the vast palaces of divine life and providence. The Lord has ways of shutting up His children at times in mysterious providential walls, through which all their ingenuity and labor can make no door. How often they strive to break through impenetrable walls of limitation and difficulty, think of ways and agencies of getting through till the brain aches, when at last they lie helpless and limp, and consent to "let God" do good as He pleases; when lo! the iron gates of circumstance and hindrances open noiselessly of their own accord. (See Acts 22 : 10.) Because we have "let God" convert, or sanctify, or heal us, does not insure a perpetual letting of God in all other matters and directions. As a rule, we have to learn to "let God" do in us and for us, over a great many times and in a variety of things, before we from a fixed habit of always letting Him.

It is only by an intimate union with the Holy Spirit, causing our innermost being to move in steady harmony with God, that we can be ready at every sharp turn and under all sorts of circumstances to "let God" mould and move all our welfare according to His best purpose. It is not a cold fatalism or stoical indifference to God's will, but a warn, bright gulfstream of Holy Ghost life, in which all the choices, motives, intentions, affections, and volitions steadily coincide and co-operate with God's will concerning us. "Let the peace of God rule in your heart," "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly," "Let not your heart be troubled." Let God have all your inner and outer difficulties just as they are, without moving a finger to tinker them up. Let the slow, imperceptible, noiseless ocean of omnipotence flow into you, into your being, your life, your troubles, your friends, foes, finances, into that unexplainable mystery which perplexes you, into that very thing that just now weighs upon you.

From this moment lift the latch of your will, and let that eternal, silent sea of love, in which all the angels, and the worlds, and all ages float, take possession of you and yours forever. If from the very depths of our hearts we yield a constant, loving "let" to God, then He, through the eternal spirit, will speak into us and for us all these fourteen "lets" of His marvelous creation, from "Let there be light," to "Let him have dominion over" all things.


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