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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

'SOUL FOOD' - an audio-book by G.D. Watson - Ch. 21 of 32

Chapter 21 - "GIVING THE TENTH"
-- G.D. Watson lived in England, in the early part of the 1900's --

It is no small perversion of Scripture that the passage in Malachi 3:10, about bringing the tithes into the storehouse, should always be applied to a spiritual consecration. If thousands of Christians would only take it just as it reads, and begin at once to give God a tenth of all they receive, it would prove to be the keystone in the arch of a full consecration, and one of the greatest blessings of their lives, both spiritually and temporally.

Some may say that the giving of a tenth was only a Mosaic law; but this is a mistake; it was in practice by the saints of God five hundred years before the giving of the law. Abraham gave a tenth of his spoils to the priest of God (Hebrew 7:4); and Jacob gave a tenth of his income to the Lord; and, so far as we know, it was the practice of Noah and the saints of earliest ages. When the Holy Spirit gets possession of a soul, He writes this principle of giving a tenth on the heart, showing it is not merely a Mosaic, but a Holy Ghost law.

It is a great blessing financially to constantly give a tenth of all you receive to the Lord. The living God keeps His financial promises just as absolutely as He does His salvation promises. "Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first-fruits of all thine increase; so shall thy barns be filled with plenty." How few Christians positively believe this word and steadily act on it! I have never yet met a person who gave regularly a tenth to the Lord that ever regretted it. They uniformly testify that since they have done so, they have prospered far better in all their temporal affairs. I am absolutely sure, with Muller, that God does not want any of His children in debt, or destitute; and if all of us who are in debt will repent of the sin for getting in debt, and promise God never to go in debt again, and to give Him one-tenth of all we receive, and stick to the covenant with a living heart, He will begin to work financial mercies for us, and soon have us free from debt. (See Rom. 13: 8.)

After losing my orange groves in the freeze of January, 1895, and being heavily in debt, I acted on these principles; and since I made that covenant, God has wrought up undreamed-of financial miracles. A lady thousands of miles from my home wrote me, to my surprise, saying she felt impressed of God to give me $80 every year till my debts were paid; and many other things have happened just as marvelous. Since that covenant I have never gone a cent deeper in debt; have never been with- out some cash money, and have a hundredfold more assurance for all financial supplies than when I had the property. So firm is my faith in the point that if I had no postage stamp to send a letter to my family, and had some of God's tenth by me, I would not touch it to buy a stamp, but wait on my Heavenly Father for it.

God will not do wonders for us till we get away from our slip-shod faith and partial obedience. A great many will say they keep no regular account; they think they give about a tenth, etc. That is the way I used to give, but I see now that is shilly-shally obedience. It will please God to give Him the tenth, and not a guess about the tenth. Then some aim to give a tenth at the end of the month, or end of the year. This is degrading our Lord be putting self first and Him last. Honor God by putting Him and His kingdom always first, and then He will honor you. Just as soon as you receive any money, be it ever so small, take out the tenth for the Lord; do not wait till you spend the nine-tenths; do not use it all up, and promise to pay the Lord's tenth out of the next money you get; that is a slovenly, shabby way of dealing with God. Treat your Lord in all these matters with the respect and honor as if He stood visibly by your side; don't be mean and stigy in your treatment of Him, but generous and prompt and free-hearted, and God will treat you like a prince, and ever and anon He will astonish you with some great favor. Be you ever so poor, old or young, married or single, parent or child, even if you have only an occasional dime to call your own, give one cent of it to God; do it religiously, lovingly, rigidly, and, as sure as you live, Omnipotence will find some way to bless you in your temporal affairs.

Will you believe this? Will you begin at once to do it? Ask the Holy Ghost to help you keep it as a holy covenant. Ask the divine guidance just where you should give the tenth; don't bestow it according to your preference, but keep your mind impartial, and the spirit will lead you where to give it.

If you follow this rule, you will be perfectly surprised how much you can give away in a year and never miss it. I used to think I was liberal; but since giving a tenth regularly, I find I give three times as much as I used to, and do it with far more ease and comfort.

"Give, and it shall be given you." God's word is true; obey it, prove it, and see for yourself.


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