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Thursday, May 18, 2006

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)

"Tail-sniffing (credential-qualification) soon leads to flock-following! Follow the Shepherd, not the flock!

The attempt to 'get-to-the-bottom-of' an individual or group, by 'statements-of-faith', 'doctrine-posturing', 'creed-testing' - or any other "test-of-fellowship" ...is an overt by-pass to simply inquiring of the Lord.

If we claim a REAL-ationship with Christ but cannot depend upon Him for guidance & spiritual direction, then we need not worry about being misled by others, as we are already deceived. Jesus DEFINES His sheep as those who CAN hear Him and DO follow (obey)."

--Dennis Rideout

(Jn 10:27; Isa 30:20,21)


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