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Monday, May 29, 2006


Slipery Slope!

Careful, if you think you stand! ALL slopes lead DOWN. And slipping is a simple matter a gravity.

To become enamored, or fixated, or mesmerized - is to become distracted from reality. In certain circumstances, this can be very dangerous. And there are many spiritual situations which illustrate this.

Regardless how beautiful, or Holy or True - if a mortal ever forgets God's Warnings, and the spiritual sobriety and watchfulness Jesus admonishes each of us about - He makes it clear we can and will be deceived (and might have our Crowns STOLEN from us!). Souls which blithely (carelessly) disregard God's determined Instructions should be ashamed to resent the inevitable consequences - after they have been Warned.

But have folks been Warned - truely? (Yes, and ..) No - not so-to-speak. So few have HEARD Christ, that most haven't the foggiest notion how haphazardly they approach their doom. Who wants to hear warnings when they are busy partying? If they will not Hear God - why would they pay attention to His Servants?

But "they" are not my concern - I am. I need to pay closer attention - lest I should fall! After all, there is precious little any of us can do for "them" - when "they" will not honor God. When I get distracted, I forget. When I forget, I lapse back into my carnal default - my flesh. And when I do this I sin (again) against The One I Love more than my own life! This I do not want to do.

It would be a little thing if my soul were lost - after all, it was lost before I was Converted. But the really GREAT thing would be if I were to LET GOD SAVE ME! To do this, I must pay attention to Him!

There is beauty - and wonder - and mystery, yes. But there is also duty and loyalty and the Work of Election to tend to. God did not Call me to go on blathering mindlessly. He wants me to sober up to FOCUS on Him.

God help us to KEEP and GUARD our hearts, as FOCUSED on You!


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