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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Now you see 'em ...

Now you DON'T! Camouflage. Army games. Men getting all dressed up for war! What in the world?

Actually, it's all about two childhood games; 'Hide-n-Seek', and 'Peek-a-Boo!'. Bonding. Only, rather than bonding with other creatures, this is Bonding with God! God-Bonding, I call it.

When God gives birth, He Creates a 'NewCreature in-Christ'. This New Creature is not human - not of this world. And as peculiar as Pilgrims are, they are citizens of the Beyond - of Christ's Domain - The Spirit. Once God has Circumcised a soul that Soul begins to Bond with it's Parent, God. It does so by "Beholding Him", as Paul makes clear.

In the game of 'Hide-n-Seek', a child 'Peek-a-Boos' with God - and Hears God Say, "Alley-Alley-Oxen-Free" (a garbled distortion of the original, "All you urchins are FREE!"). It is the Spiritual Liberty which Mesmerizes Paul in the Book of Galatians - and is his main theme. The Spiritual importance of this cannot be over-stressed!

Then what's all the camouflage about? Our flesh is shamed by sin (guile or guilt) - and sin's cover-up is deceit. We try to HIDE from our flesh AND from God! (see 'hiding from our own flesh in Isa 58:6,7, and the entire book of Jonah). There are many such counterfeits in the Bible. Here is a list of some:

  • COUNTERFEIT 'apostles' 2Cor 11:13, Rev 2:2
  • COUNTERFEIT 'church' Rev 2:9
  • COUNTERFEIT 'comfort' (‘empty consolation’ RSV) Zech 10:2
  • COUNTERFEIT 'fear' Lk 19:21
  • COUNTERFEIT 'faith' 1 Tim 1:5 2 Tim 1:5, 3:8RSV
  • COUNTERFEIT 'humility' Col 2:18
  • COUNTERFEIT 'logic' Pr14:12&16:25, Job32:11, Lk5:22, 1Cor3:18-20->(Ps94:11)
  • COUNTERFEIT 'love' 2 Cor 6:6 1 Pt 1:22
  • COUNTERFEIT 'religion' Jas 1:26
  • COUNTERFEIT 'repentance' 2Cor 7:10
  • COUNTERFEIT 'stewardship' Mt21:33-40 Mt25:14-30 Acts5:1-11
  • COUNTERFEIT 'supplication' Ps 145:18
  • COUNTERFEIT 'theology' (doctrine) 2Cor 4:2, 1Jn 4:6 (1Cor4:12) 2Cor 2:17
  • COUNTERFEIT 'trust' Ezk 28:7
  • COUNTERFEIT 'words' 2 Pt 2:3
  • COUNTERFEIT 'worship' Mt 15:8,9
A close examination of these Texts will reveal just how our flesh is tempted to hide from God and deceive us in the process. Any wonder God has Chosen The Fast (in Isa 58:6,7) which is summed up by our 'hiding NOT ourselves from our own flesh'? Honesty is what God calls, "Truth in the inward parts". After all, it is also Written that "all is open and laid bare to Him with Whom we have-to-do (must account)".

So we are free to Choose God, in-Christ! And all the carnal (worldly) games notwithstanding, it will be by THIS which God will Judge all mortals! Having been given the Choice (by Christ's Blood-Sacrifice), what did we DO-WITH it?

'Come out, come OUT - wherever you are! Game's OVER!'


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