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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Celebrate Diversity!

Is there something a bit odd about you? Something you might think makes you a bit different? An overbite, or perhaps a space between your teeth? Or is your nose a bit large, or peculiar? It might be you limp a bit. Something that you can't shake feeling self-conscious about in public? Or are you just plain special? Which is it?

Overcoming is usually a private thing. As we grow up and put away our childish things, we usually do so quietly. No one else knows, but God. We share everything with God, after all - whether we know or acknowledge this, or not!

This young lad has been thrown a 'hardball' - a genuine handicap he must now overcome. But rather than hide it from the public, he has chosen to celebrate it - openly! The fact that he is also doing this in a very sporting and competitive manner, is either all the more admirable, or foolish. It depends upon the observer's perspective. I choose to see this as an heroic, determined choice he's made - not to allow what others might see as a devastating loss, to force him to the sidelines. That's what overcoming's all about!

But the child fighting for every breath because of a debilitating asthma, is no less an hero in my book! Or that Pilgrim that has chosen to grit their teeth and obey God in overcoming some pernicious addiction (gambling, cursing, sexual, or pharmaceutical, etc). God knows! And Watches. And is Recording it ALL.

The Lord INTENDED diversity. He made a deliberate SHOW of it in His Creation. And He intends that such uniqueness be celebrated joyfully - not skulking in the shadows - hiding from the scrutiny of others. But it is a matter of coming to terms with GOD (not man) about such things - that makes such heroic exultation possible.

Lord, help us to do that - to come to terms with You about all those little things that want to keep us self-conscious - and not Christ-centered! And if any others ever do see us as heroes, Lord, let the Glory and Honors go to YOU!


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