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Monday, May 22, 2006


How ODD!

Strange, the things you see when you don't have your shotgun! HA!

How do we respond when confronted with the unusual - the out-of-the-ordinary - the bizarre? Do we flinch, stare or figit? Make a scene, or make it worse by calling attention?

There are individuals who were born with physical defects of all sorts. Some are so severe, even grotesque, as to make of them social misfits. That is, when in public, they are shunned or ridiculed or embarrassed in grievous ways. We have all witnessed this sort of shameful behavior.

But what ARE we to do, then? Well, let me ask you - how would you wish to be treated if in their 'shoes'? Actually, that's an unfair question, as without their experience, none of us could answer that properly. Even to turn away (rather than to stare) is painful to the socially impaired.

One thing we CAN do if we belong to Jesus Christ - we can PRAY FOR THEM! That's right. Right on the spot - stop and ask the Lord to Bless, Help and Encourage them - in ways only HE might be Able! And we can MEAN it!

It is for sure that if we will do this - God will Comply! The Lord KNOWS His Own and is very Kind and Gracious to those in genuine need. That we can COUNT on.

So next time you see something a bit queer - odd and quirky ... ask the Lord for His Blessings. You might be surprised - there MAY just be a Blessing there for YOU as well! :)


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