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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Cruisin for a BRUSIN!

Ever pout at God? Why do we DO that?? Cause God has either done something we disapprove of, or has allowed it! We don't like it - and we're showing it by turning our back on Him. We get into our flesh and wallow - just a bit - just to demonstrate our resentment! Woe, and WOAH!

Kids are like that, you know. Spiteful. Selfish. Impudent, rude, obnoxious and even vicious. They want their own way.

Sometimes God has to do or allow a thing for our own good - for our ETERNAL BEST. And not all of God's Lessons feel good - some smart oodles & gobs! But when we are being Chastised or Rebuked by a Loving Father and we turn against Him - oh my! We're cruisin for a brusin - BIGTIME!

Thank God we can MAKE-UP with Him - put things Right - Repent! Making Peace with God is what the Cross is all about - Christ's, and our's - daily. And we have His BLOOD on that!

Next time you don't quite approve of how or where God is Leading you - or Teaching you - Kiss the Paddle! 'SELAH!' Stop, Look, Listen UP! Take a deep breath, confess your anger and pettiness and hard-heartedness to God - ON THE SPOT. Make NICE with God NOW. Tell Him where you're mad, or bad, or bitter inside - where you are hurt or scared or anxious. Let Him know - it isn't as if He doesn't already know - but when we MAKE PEACE with God, He draws very near to us! Father's are like that, you know?! And our Father ALWAYS Knows best!


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