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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Now you listen HERE!

NOW HEAR THIS - NOW HEAR THIS! Attention to orders! Listen UP!

It has been said that getting one's attention is the greatest part of teaching. If this is true, then diligence (paying attention) must be the best part of learning! But getting our attention is not easy - even for GOD!

This snapshot illustrates that having the ears to hear with is not at all the same as listening UP (using them!). Even then, hearing is not the same as understanding what is heard. So God Speaks of the distinctions between spiritual discernment and understanding and wisdom - etc.

This young lad is attempting to instruct a bassett hound in proper phone etiquette. Good luck! He should have just about as much success as God did with His Children in the Wilderness of Sin! But how about us?

How good have WE become at listening UP (for God's Voice) - daily? We are SUPPOSED to Hear the Voice of the Lord every day - do we? And if we do, do we understand what it is God wants to Teach us? Or are we like this loveable hound?


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