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Monday, May 15, 2006


Soft Innocence!

Cynics get jaded, tarnished and hardened inside by this evil world. They get 'callused' - tough. Forfeiting all that is lovely, pure, carefree, young, delightful, humble, simple or winsome - heresy-hunters abandon much of what delights God about His creation - and are swallowed alive.

There is wickedness. And greed. And graft. And deceit. And, yes, souls are being deceived right and left - and most will go to Hell - even as Jesus said they would - and this is all very tragic. But in the meantime, God's Life-Creation celebrates the wholesome, vigorous joy of simply being alive!

Soft is nice. So is cute. But innocent is best. And God Invented innocence for babes (and old fogies like me). We ought not allow the cares of this dying world to rape and rob us of that Zeal of Life - Joy - that Christ BECOMES in the resurrection! To Celebrate Life-Eternal is to Worship God in Truth & Spirit - right Now! (And there's nothing wrong with bunny rabbits in Spring!)


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