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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



The ability and instinctive urge to play is one of the vital characteristics of healthy life - of any kind!

If you have ever had a pet that did not possess this quality (and was thus deprived of it's blessings), you would know just what I mean. I had a pet pooch that was abused as a pup, and who never did develop the desire to play. This was the sadder because, otherwise, she was as sweet as she could be. Even so - she missed a great deal in her wretched, if beloved life on earth.

God apparently intended all creatures to be winsome in one way or another. That this is obvious, goes without saying (but I just did!). Learning is not ALL drudgery or hard work. There is a great deal of levity and amusement in learning new things - even about God!

Health has to do with proper agreement with that character God Intended for that creature. One very good way to be healthy is to stay TUNED to God! That is, when we are fulfilling that Purpose and Plan God had for us when He MADE us - then we can be happy - even when ill! And THAT sort of Health MUST be capitalized!

Try taking the sheer FUN out of that great ape (gorilla) up there - you'll soon see just HOW natural play can be!


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