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Tuesday, May 09, 2006



This photo was taken in the woods somewhere in Washington State, USA - where I live. Talk about 'The Pilgrim's PATH'!

PUSH ON! That's it, just keep on keepin on - get a move on - let's get cracking! That's kinda what the Apostle Paul means when he says, 'I press on!'. But to DO this he had to 'lay aside every weight', 'cast all his cares', 'leave behind all his childishness', and 'die daily'! Garsh!

How about us? Are we supposed to keep enduring - even to The End (our Salvation)? And what might happen if we did not - if we 'fainted'? I heard one preacher say that Biblical 'fainting' was FAILING. I doubt that. It is my firm conviction (observation) that to 'faint' simply means to 'quit'! What's the difference? O my! ALL of us are failures. We fail all the time! And, unfortunately, we also fail GOD all the time as well. (SHAME, that!)

But to quit is a deliberate choice. To CHOOSE to divorce Jesus Christ - to cut ourselves off from Him - is quite another matter , indeed! Could we actually DO such a thing? Yes - this is why we are Warned so severely, repeatedly and Admonished by every Writer of the New Testament! Apparently, The Holy Spirit (Actual Author of Holy Writ) wanted this stressed - over & over again - to remind us of this.

We must push on. We must ENDURE! We must Abide - continue to remain IN Christ and in His Living Word-Will. We must OBEY to Abide, and TRUST to Obey! And sometimes we get tired & cranky. God KNOWS this. So we are not only Warned - we are Encouraged! "PRESS ON!" "DON'T FAINT!" "WATCH!, and be SOBER!" "WALK CIRCUMSPECTIVELY!" Etc.

Faith never gets tired - or bored - or stops Trusting God. And we are to learn to Walk IN (by) Faith. And so we go. And so we do.

Pilgrim - when you get tired - it may be you are also starving! STOP - LOOK - LISTEN! "SELAH!" Shut DOWN - shut UP - shut OUT - and HUSH2HEAR God.

He has not left you - but you may be far to filthy to approach His Banquet Table! COME CLEAN with God and he will wash and refresh you - and renew in you a RIGHT-SPIRIT! After all - he yet LEADS - and has lots more to SHARE!



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