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Saturday, May 06, 2006



Life is really quite simple. Every living creature knows how to die. There are no schools that teach this - nor any of the other hundreds of other instincts which are native to mortality. If a creature breathes, it knows how to die - just like that!

It could be noted that, of all God's creatures, only man complicates the life God Breathes in him. Which is odd, actually - since all life is God-Breathed in just this way. How is it then that man takes that from God which is pure, innocent, simple and good - and turns it into such abominations?

Complexity is never of-God. I mean - really! - take a look! Try mapping the stars and the galaxies and constellations - for multitude, they remain un-numbered. And then throw in their orbits, trajectories and assorted relationships - and there is no complication here. Some mammals have gone so far as to coin their own opinion in the term "chaos theory" - HA! - they do not know the God Who Created it all - quite simply! He SPOKE, and it WAS - and IS - just as He SAID.

Jesus was never obtuse, unclear nor complicated. His Simplicity was utterly astounding - and still is! In fact, one of the most arresting things about Jesus Christ (to any cluttered mortal) is His Absolute, Sincere, Moral, Ruthless, Childlike Simplicity! And He spoke of field lilies, sparrows and 'little ones'. His Directness was stunning - and His Discerning Discipline to That Life God Created - Breath-taking! He was a Quickening Spirit - Life Giving - Simple!

God Thinks, Acts, Speaks, Desires, Moves in Ways Mysterious to man. And PART of that is because of the myopia of material-mortality. Sin deceives by distortion - and then destroys by division. We were Made by God to RECIPROCATE with Him in Simplicity. Faith DOES this. So do the flowers! And WE can in Christ, if we will!

Simplicity - for us mortals, it takes our LETTING God Sort us out. But then, when was the last time you saw a flower cower at the prospect of it's own demise?


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