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Monday, May 01, 2006



There ARE things in this mortal life which are quiet, peaceful, even serene. Not ALL things are in chaotic flux.

"Contentment with Godliness is great (spiritual) GAIN!", the apostle writes. And there is an art to being content, too. Inner peace has as much to do with emotional balance as it does with any lack of upheaval. After all, God CAN make us okay with any circumstance, if we will let Him.

Man may be the only animal on earth that tends to create its own turmoil. You'd never catch that cow, munching away on that foggy sod, worrying about where its next meal was coming from - or what to wear to the next herd-gathering.

Jesus intended us all to work WITH our Father in Heaven - not faunch at the bit, or chafe at the yoke. Jesus Worked WITH His Father - not against Him. They 'pulled' together.

Lord, help us to learn Your secrets of a quieter, more serene, calm and peaceful life.


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