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Monday, December 12, 2005


** God put His Cross where His Mouth Was - all along! ** Today's Bible Promise is ... "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:" Mt 6:14


Today I would like to thank God for good eyesight. I know there are many who cannot see at all. And I have no earthly idea what that must be like. But to be without eyesight must be quite different than anything I know. Thank you Lord for my eyesight!

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NATURE WATCH - 90 seconds on natural wonders

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You know color is a wonderful invention! God really knew what He was doing here! Try & imagine what life would be like all in black & white? Drab, expressionless.

But color is light - and light is color. God Said, 'Let there be LIGHT!' - and there was COLOR! - EVERYWHERE!

Water is clear - no pigment. So it's colorless, right? WRONGO!! Take a close look at this shot. Now tell me what color a mirror is?

In God's world of Light and Color, it's all done with 'Mirrors' - that is, with Reflectors (Imagers). God made us His Reflectors - to Image Him. And as His Mirrors, Jesus (Who Is The Light/Color of this wicked & dark world) says we are the Light of this world!

So now I have just one question for you, Pilgrim: As God's Reflector (His Light-Imager in this world), are you bringing some of His Wonder and Marvel and Color
to those in your proximity?

His Joy is our Strength, it is Written. And it is His Very Presence Which is our Joy. Now that's both Color AND Light!


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A Book By G. D. Watson - A 19th Century Deeper-Life Author

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God's best gifts are the simplest, such as air and light and water and bread. So, in religion, the greatest things are unmixed love, pure humility, fixed obedience, a single eye to please God. A sunbeam refracted gives seven colors; that is complexity, which is the opposite of simplicity. The simple white light is infinitely more blessed and useful than the complex, colored rainbow. To be fond of complex things indicates childishness of taste. Complexity in religious life bespeaks a baby condition of moral nature. The more pure and advanced the mind is, the more it admires perfect simplicity in everything. Simplicity in the Christian Life is the state of transparency, unbiasedness; no mixedness in the desires or tempers or affections; oneness of motive, oneness of intention, where the conscience, desires, and will all flow one way in sweet agreement; where faith and hope and love exist without being mixed with their opposites of doubt and fear and hate.

But no definition of spiritual simplicity will satisfy the heart. The Holy Spirit, Who Is the God of simplicity, must reveal it to the eye of the soul. When the blessed Spirit softly unveils to all our inner perceptions the perfect simplicity of the Christ-life, the unmixedness, the unsullied transparency of God's Word and His inner Kingdom, there is a Holy charm and a sweet satisfaction to the mind beyond the expression of words. When all doubleness and tangled complexity of every sort is purged out of us, and when the Holy Spirit floods all our inner being with the same simplicity which is in Jesus, how it makes us love simplicity in everybody and in everything! We then have a keen appreciation of simplicity in character, manners, speech, worship, business. Anything extravagant, grand, pompous, puffy, stilted, far-fetched, loud, slangy, odd, smart, brilliant, or confused or complex, in experience, life, or expression, becomes very offensive. The soul that is living in sweet Oneness with Jesus will intuitively detect and recoil from everything that is mystical, shady, tricky or complicated. Such a soul abominates the secret lodges, the tricks of the trade, the keeping up of appearances, or anything subtle or selfish; it deals only with what is open, straightforward, and translucent. A person may have intellectual simplicity, which is the characteristic of all great minds, and yet, if he is not purified by the Holy Ghost, he will still be lacking in simplicity of moral nature. A person whose heart is rendered perfectly simple by the full indwelling of Christ will be inundated with simplicity in every other direction of mind, and manners and business.

Perfect simplicity of spirit is the heavenly shield against foolishness, fanciful forms of religious experience. When people fancy that they have found something startling and new, and profoundly hard to be understood, and transcendently fine in religion, it is always because they have left the old, eternal path of white simplicity and become tangled in Satanic fog. A soul that is possessed by the Holy Spirit seeks ever to live in an ocean of pure, tender love, and be full of good works; and it will instinctively avoid rush, unnatural, and over-strained views of religious life and duty. The Light the Holy Spirit pours into us is pure and white, not a red, startling aurora borealis; the visions of God He gives to us are lucid, wide calm, elevating, sweet, restful and loving, and not those complex, wild, and overstrained notions which are always indicative of fanaticism. The Holy Spirit will turn us into the simple, quiet, non-combative lamb, and not into some great, towering extraordinary giraffe. He will mold us into the lowly, uncomplaining, unostentatious dove, not into some enormous, far-famed albatross.

Thousands of people ruin their religious experience by forming fictitious and abnormal notions of advanced [extraordinary] experiences. They stretch and pray; strain after some unique, great, dazzling monstrosity of spiritual life, utterly outside of the mind that was in Jesus; and the devil is ever looking out to gratify such un-Scriptural desires with counterfeits of grace. They lose their dove-like simplicity, and are soon tangled up with all sorts of absurdities. The Bible reveals to us simplicity of desire --- "Thy face, Lord, will I seek..."; simplicity of the will --- "This one thing I do..."; simplicity of motive --- "Do all to the glory of God..."; simplicity of Guidance --- "Lead me in a plain path...", because the enemy is on the complex path. Let us ever seek a Jesus-like simplicity, not only in our experience, but also in work for Him; never attempting startling and brilliant things; never wittingly drawing notice to ourselves; never overtaxing ourselves with huge enterprises; never parading the feats we have done, or the extra things we are going to do.

Oh, for that perfect, guileless simplicity of heart and life which befits with equal grace an angel or an infant, and makes both of them feel at home with each other!


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Pr 4:7 "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."



"My goal is God Himself, not Joy nor Peace - nor even blessing, but Himself, my god; Tis His to lead me there, not mine, but His - at any cost, dear Lord - by any road;

So faith bounds forward to its goal in God, and love can trust her Lord to lead her there - upheld by Him, my soul is following hard, till God has fulfilled my deepest prayer;

No matter if the way seems sometimes dark, no matter if the cost be oftimes great, He knoweth how I best shall reach the mark, the Way that leads to Him must needs be straight;

One thing I know, I cannot say Him, 'nay' - one thing I do, I press towards my Lord, my God, my Glory here from day to day, and in the Glory there, my great Reward!



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Man was Made for the sheer *Joy* of Respiration WITH God!

NOTABLE QUOTES (Various Authors)

"The most learned, acute, and diligent student cannot, in the longest life, obtain an entire knowledge of this one Volume. The more deeply he works the Mine, the richer and more abundant he finds the Ore!;

new Light continually beams from this Source of Heavenly knowledge, to direct the conduct, and illustrate the work of God and the ways of men; and he will at last leave the Work confessing, that the more he studied the Scriptures, the fuller conviction he has of his own ignorance, and of their inestimable value!"

--Walter Scott


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