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Thursday, December 08, 2005



Beautiful coat, keen, shrewd eyes, and sharp teeth. Foxes are well-suited to their prey.

A fox in snow, hunting tiny critters under the snow is a marvel to watch. They give full meaning to the term, 'pounce'!

God likens foxes to worries, doubts and garden-variety unbelief (distrust of God). They may seem little, but they can 'spoil the Vine' - or plunder the Harvest.

Jesus goes way out of His way to point out the dangers of 'worldly cares' - how they can strangle the Life out of even the Engrafted Word in our hearts!

In this wicked, rebellious and strife-riddled world today - where only the salacious and outrageous makes the news (for the most part) - try hard not to let those 'issues' tear at your Peace and Assurance in-Christ.

Foxes have their place here too - but not in our hearts!


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