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Friday, December 02, 2005


That time of year again. And it looks like they all know it!

Funny looking creatures - raindeer. Specially from the rear. But then, I guess that could be said of most of us - huh?!

Busy busy - hurry scurry - hustle bustle. My my, how the holidays do cause clamor and excitement. Folks either love it or hate it.

Actually, many folks get more lonesome and anxious at this time of year than at any other. All that emphasis on family, friends and comradery, etc. We're SUPPOSED to be having fun-fun-PHUNN just now. If we aren't, there must be something wrong with us! BALDERDASH! BAH, HUMBUG! NOT A BIT OF IT!

Having a bad hair day is just that - we ALL have them. And God seems to go on loving us - anyway. Who knew? I mean why me? After all, WE don't even like us - so how could He??

O dear - sidetracked again! There they go - they're OFF! They seem to know just where they're heading.

I love animals. And seasons. And snow. And occasions. I guess most of us do.

THIS year, let's all try to be just a bit sweeter to each other - and then make a special effort to treat or Lord as if we really do Love Him. After all - we only have ONE Lord, you know? Better treat Him RIGHT!


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