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Sunday, December 04, 2005




"Little songs are best!

"... The quiet ones your heart might sing -

"That hush may share what only God can hear,

"When Peaceful-Heart, in contemplation, listens near.

"God hears me smile,

"He feels my trembles.

"A little "thanks, Lord" said;

"or maybe something touching, precious, mumbles;

"He attends my daily Bread;

"Listens, longs, to hear my rambles ...

"He realy cares for me, you know;

"And, oh, - He says He loves you too!

"The song He sings to me is wondrous;

"And all He shares, He IS!

"I can't imagine what I'd do

"If caring ever ceased to share

"The little songs that sing their best

"To God Who's quiet song's - His Rest!"

--Dennis Rideout


  • WOW I love this 'little' poem! With all that Father has been showing me concerning performance and strife... how it's not in the big hoop-Lahs but in the little hallelujahs! This.. is where HE is found! 100 hours in prayer spent.. can not compare to a simple childlike gasp at the Father's great love for them.. or the giddy glee that comes with knowing we have the creator of the universe... on our side! Blessed be His name forever! Little is indeed much when God is in it... Thank you for sharing Dennis.. I sure love this site. I have the new one bookmarked. :)

    By Anonymous Shakeria, at 12/07/2005 10:01 PM  

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