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Friday, December 09, 2005


What Paul said, 'God FORBID!', is now being taught AS GOSPEL! ('Saved-anyway', sin no longer matters!)
Paul says, "God forbid!" fourteen times. That's quite a few. But the one we remember most, HAS to be Rom 6:15, "What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid!" To justify sinning by the Inheritance of Grace is so reprehensible to Paul he cannot imagine it - yet he does. He does so because this is typical of the depravity of man's carnal mind. But in Paul's day - though some may have thought this - said it - or even did it - none would have presumed to teach others to do it - IN CHRIST'S NAME! Yet this is precisely what is going on now. Whole denominations are preaching the so-called "O.S.A.S. - Once Saved, Always Saved!", or the "Saved-ANYWAY!" heresy - as Gospel. And they are twisting Paul's very words into spiritual abortions to prove this diabolical diatribe. And what is more - millions are actually believing it! It seems the greater the lie - the further from the Truth Written in the Bible and the more outrageous it is - the better. If you ask, 'what about all those warnings in the New Testament?' - I would sputter, well ... see?, there you have me! Apparently these folks assume only those Bible Texts they prefer apply to them - and the others, well, let's just say, 'they just aren't RELATIVE'. They must be speaking to someone else - just not me! This callous disregard for clear and repeated warnings from every Writer in the New Testament against such destructive notions goes unheeded by a whole generation that has been brought up to prefer the opinions of men to the sound doctrine of God's Written Word. Apparently it is Biblically possible for such souls to become so seared, scarred and branded in their consciences as to avoid even a wince or a blush at that which would cower an Angel! God forbid?? With most these folks - who cares? When a person deifies their own preferences and biased opinions, they also defend such 'ivory towers' with the bastions of unassailable resources like denial and self-justification. And when they are sure they are in the company of many others who are 'in-agreement' - what appears is a literal Babylon re-visited! Such was the case in Noah's day. And Jesus warned us it would be like that again. God forbid? No - but He has Warned us that the 'Tare-Jubilee' (as I call it) will be the worst and most vehement rebellion of spiritual idolatry this world has ever seen. Folks, when God's Truth is twisted into obvious lies, distortions, perversions and then taught AS The Gospel itself - we are there!


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