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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Stewards of God's Provisions (Conditions, Provisos, Terms). If Inheritors, then Executors of His Will.
The legal definition for the term 'QUID-QUO-PRO' is; - "Latin, 'what for what' or 'something for something.' The concept of getting something of value in return for giving something of value. For a contract to be binding, it usually must involve the exchange of something of value." ('value received') Please notice that a contract binds an exchange - this rendered for that. etc. In a will, it would seem that this was not the case - yet there are always stipulations by the which any contract is legal. For instance, the name of any beneficiary must be noted by the death-agreement in addition to whatever inheritance is granted by it. As Inheritors of God's Last Will and Testament, Ratified only by His Death - (see Heb9:16,17) and as Stipulated in His One-Way Blood-Oath with Abram - (see Gen15+), when our Name is found Written in That Will (Book of Life) - that is, when we are BornAgain (Abiding in-Christ), then the Obligations of Inheritance are Expected by God from us. Namely, as we have Inherited Faith (Gift from God), we are to Walk in it, Live by it, and Perform those Works of Faith Detailed by God for The Elect-in-Christ, Predestinated from (before) The Begining (As-Written - see Eph2:10) by God's Intention, Plan or Provision for Salvation. Further, as Citizens of God's Government, Peace (see Col3:15, 1Pt3:9 1Cor7:15) - we are Expected to PUBLISH That Peace and Salvation (see Isa52:7). Further, we are to Feed Christ's sheep His Body and His Blood (The Paschal Lamb of God) - and to Instruct them in His Words and Ways - not our manmade, denominational speculations and biased opinions. As we have been Nominated (Named) by God - His Inheritors in-Christ - we are to work out our own Salvation by Godly Fear and Humble Tremblings - and to make sure (confirm) both our Calling and Election - lest we fall! (see - Php2:12 & 2Pet1:10) Further, we are Indebted to Love others as we have BEEN Loved, and to Forgive as we have BEEN Forgiven, etc. And as Recipients of Grace (Power to Overcome), we are Expected by God to use it to Overcome in our circumstances, as Paul did in Overcoming his 'flesh-thorn'. Otherwise we are as Paul told the Galatians, "Severed from Christ". We have received Christ's Grace in vain (to no effect)! (Gal 5:4RSV) As we have Received, we are Expected to freely Give - and thus 'Execute' The Will (Obey The Word) of Christ. As Christ's Righteousness Enables our Obedience, so we are Expected by God thus to Obey. Jesus makes this clear in Jn15+. God is no fool. Nor can He be conned. What God GIVES, He Expects the Increase therefrom. What He Plants, He waits for The Harvest thereof. QUID-QUO-PRO. God put all this in Writing so there could be no dispute - no contention - no quibbling. God has never broken His Word - yet He BOUND Himself by an Oath - then formalized it in Writing - only to Ratify it with His Own Death (Blood). It is man which lies. And argues. And deceives. But if we are to be Co-Heirs with Jesus Christ - and even He had to OBEY to INHERIT (as Written) - then we are not above our Master! QUID-QUO-PRO. What was Mete (Meat, see Jn4:32-34) for the Master, is now Bible Meat for our Maturing. As God DID, so Now we must DO also! And in-Christ, we can DO ALL THINGS!


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