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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Labor2Enter (Rest) is TrialOfFaith (Precious2God)
Jesus Says, "Come unto Me!". What a labor this is! But until we do, He cannot "Give us Rest!". It is a trial and a test for Faith to just Trust and Obey - just like that. So simple. So foreign. So Vital! Oswald Chambers said that it takes all the Power of the Holy Spirit just to get one Saint to do that simple thing - COME UNTO HIM. God Speaks and Promises only to Faith. Just as Faith Responds only to God. So Faith's Test is HOW and under what circumstances it Responds to God. Christ's Blood Guarantees us God's Jubilee (Rest). But there are ALWAYS 'strings-attatched'! (All Provision is Conditional) That is - every Gift is also a Test. And the Test is always Stewardship. So Rest and Faith are both Gifts and Tests. There is spiritual Labor involved in Coming unto Christ. Just as there is a Cross in it to Swap Natures with God! If Christ is to Be Formed in us - if we are to decrease, so He Increases in us - if we are to 'press into' and 'press on' as Paul exhorts - if even the Righteous are but 'scarcely Saved', as Peter solemnly advises - then there will be some diligence required from Disciples. But The Work of Faith is the Work of God - Believing Jesus Christ! To DO this, we must Obey Him - and Come UNTO Him. We Work the Works of Faith as Led by The Spirit - as Written in God's Word. That this tries and tests us - that we are vexed and harried by Doing Righteousness in this world of rebellion, is a small thing. That we must Labor spiritually to enter That Rest available only IN-Christ, is the privilege and prerogative of NewCreatures whom God Calls - "The Sons of God!". (Jn1:12)

Because a Gift is Conditional does not make it less a Gift!
If a man has a Rolls-Royce (which I could never afford), and agrees to give me that automobile for mowing his lawn, will I then assume that I have earned it? That it was not gift, but that I had earned the full value of it with my own sweat and labor? If my Aunt Patootie dies and leaves me her fortune on the condition that I name my firstborn girl after her - will I actually believe, then, that my meeting her condition has EARNED me the fortune it took her a lifetime to amass? O my! What Jesus Christ Bequeaths us by His Death-for-us (Which we only Receive by His Resurrection IN us) no mortal could ever earn. "Earn" means to be worthy of by one's own effort. In winning a lottery, there are (I am sure) certain conditions under which the money is to be dispersed (acquired). What fool would think he had "earned" his winnings because he had complied with the lottery stipulations? What Christ Earned by His Death/Resurrection was so far beyond man's capabilities it was the subject of what is called Christ's 'Sermon on the Mount'. However, having said that - and that 'The Lamb of God takes away the sins of the world!' (Jn1:29) - There is a Biblical Answer to the question, "what must I DO to be Saved?". There are Conditions and Stipulations that apply - to ALL. Even the "whosoever" of Jn3:16 must CHOOSE! That this is being denied as fundamental is grave error, indeed! "Imputed Righteousness" does not mean that Christ's Blood then Blinds God to sin - and that, even if we do sin, God 'CANNOT SEE IT (because He Sees us through Christ's Atoning Blood!) - as it is being taught today. Sin is sin. And God is never Blind to sin. A sinner must still Confess, Repent and be Washed of it, for God Forgiveness. Any unrepented sin CANNOT be Forgiven by a Holy God! Does Repentance then mean we have EARNED God's Forgiveness? God forbid!


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