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Tuesday, July 25, 2006



-OR- "Blood-Oath Servant" Performs And Administers Inheritance!

Gen 15:8,(13) "And he said, Lord GOD, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it? And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall . . ."

The Hebrew word for "know" (in both cases) is #3045 "yada", a prime root. Of all the conjugations of the verb "to know", #3045 is used no less than 804 times (by my count). The next most used word is only used about 50 times (by comparison)! The really interesting thing is that #3045 is also used for the word "surety" or, "of a surety"!

Peculiar? No, merely a "Hebraism", or "colloquialism" (a 'figure' of speech) which meant, "knowing, thou shalt know!". It's a little like Yahweh's Name repetition, "I Am, that I AM!". God often uses a double reference for an emphatic declarative to drive home the importance of certain statements. "I Am, that I AM!" is like saying "Is, IS !". Abram was asking God "HOW?"! God was responding, "By ME!" (how else?). ("Your knowledge will be of Me - and I KNOW BECAUSE I AM!"). God's Assurance of His Word is HIMSELF! He had just put Himself on the line as Personal Guarantor of Abram's fulfillment of their Blood Covenant. God 'backed' His Word (Vow) by putting His Own Life "up" as forfeit if His Promise was not Performed as Promised!

Abram was not allowed to participate in the "Performance-clause" of the Blood-Vow. God Walked that portion alone! The only part God allowed Abraham was a small contribution of his own flesh & blood (circumcision) as "token" of his "equal right" to benefit from the contract, if not required to actually die to secure it! While "equally" bound to the benefits, Abraham was to remain passive as to the conditions (terms) of the agreement! This might seem similar to a "silent-partner" agreement today, except God was to expect full participation in the fulfillment of all aspects of this pact by Abraham and his "seed" (those who believe God! ).

"Know of a Surety" means "Knowing, you will KNOW!". Now we switch scenes, to the New Testament! Ro 15:8 "Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers:" Minister of the circumcision" means servant of the 'cut'! The One who Administers the 'cut' (Hebrew ="Briss"), or Covenant, is Jesus Christ! What Agreement? The Vow of "TRUTH"! WHY is Jesus the Administrator? Because He "CONFIRMS" the Promises! He IS the Promise COME TRUE! God said He would Be Assurety (PERSONALLY!) for the Blood-Vow of Truth (Reality) between Faith (Abraham) and Love (God)! He said He would put His Own Life on the line! He Did! We are to "walk" separated (rightly-divided, "Sanctified) unto the Lord! As Jesus said in Mat 10:34 "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." The Greek word is "makira" which is a small dagger or scalpel and could never have been construed to mean "sword" as translated here! (except as possibly symbolic of punishment). But this is the small instrument used in the Hebrew "Briss" (circumcision) ceremony.

When this statement of Christ's is viewed against Paul's clarification in Ro 15:8, "minister of the circumcision", we have a whole new possibility of meaning! Further, in a contextual study of New Testament use of this word "confirm(ed)" we find all these referred to as "confirmed": "the Word"-Mk 16:20, "souls"-Acts 14:22, "the Churches"-Acts 15:41, "the promises"-Ro15:8, "the testimony of Christ"-1 Cor 1:6, "you"-1 Cor 1:8, "your love"-2 Cor 2:8, "a man's covenant"-Gal 3:15,17 "the Gospel"-Phil 1:7, "Salvation"-He 2:3, "an oath"-He 6:16, "God's Council"-He 6:17. I think it's clear that "confirmation" means to "perform"; or, the outward ratification (manifestation) of an pre-determined intention! My daddy always told me, "YOU HEARD WHAT I SAID!!!"; and I ALWAYS knew what he meant, too! He meant, "DO AS I SAY!!! (obey!)"; or, "confirm" what you've heard!

I have a noted comment on Ro 15:8 at the bottom of my bible-page which reads, "Scripture is not properly discerned ("rightly divided") until it is confirmed by application (or "performed"). As all Scripture is SuperNatural, (Divine, God-Breathed), so is it's Performance!

God Guaranteed to Abraham & all his "seed" the SuperNatural (Perfect) Performance of His Will in man, as Vowed With and Purchased by His Own Blood!". This REALITY of the Promised Truth, Come-To-Life-In-Us, is the simple fount of Abundant Life of Faith as given us by our Heavenly Father! The fact of His Living Word "Willing and Doing" in me, and all the attendant "adventures" of His Life expressing Himself in me is what Christianity is all about!

Christ applies the "makira" (circumcision knife) to my life and "separates" me unto the Lord! He Administers the Blood Oath between my 'Father' Abraham and my Heavenly Father-God to me as full heir of their Agreement of Love-Faith. Christ is my Portion. He is both my "cut" (Promise), and my "cut" as in "my Portion"! He is HOW I know "of a surety"! And He is also all the Scriptures (Word) "rightly-divided" (Correctly discerned and apportioned) unto me! If I have any questions, I just ASK! Just like that! Just like He said!

Simple! So simple even children can do it! In fact, so simple only children do it best! The main thing is I'm not alone anymore! Never alone! I sometimes think man delights in thinking in terms of sin. While God sees the same thing as tragedy - loss! It is a fact that, while sin is very painful to our Father Who Loves us very much, Forgiving is not only easy for Him, but a Delight He surely anticipates with great Joy in His Heart! That Joyful, Gracious Forgiveness (as maybe best seen in the prodigal Son parable) - while it may be His great Pleasure ("Father, forgive them because of their ignorance!") - is our CONFIRMATION, AS PROMISED ! Do we have a "right" to it? You bet!

Every Blood-Bought-Believer OWNS this Precious Confirmation as surely as Jesus Christ owns his soul! That's precisely why Jesus Bled and Died on that cruel cross and then resurrected! God never says anything He does not expect to be executed, ratified, and performed! Obviously, God's Word is LAW! It would be foolish for me to talk with God and not expect every word He says to come true! God said He Loved me. I expect to know that ...."of a surety"! How? By His Faith!